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Solar & rechargable battery parking lock

Solar & rechargable battery parking lock
Product name : Solar & rechargable battery parking lock
Item : SN-F4
Details :

1.Body of parking barrier
Lid is moulded in factory by us.It is made of A3 steel,which can be sustained the weight of most of the vehicles.Around 2000kgs.

Be located the front of the lid for indicating the state of operating:
a.The indicator will send a red light when the barrier is working normally.
B.The indicator will flash continually show the battery voltags is lowed.Plesase recharge in time in order to extend battery's life.

3.Crash resistance
If the barrier arm is forced down while in the up position the beeper will beep.When the barrier arm is released it will return to the up position and operate normally.

4.Object sensing
The power will be cut off automatically when the parking barrier senses that excessive force is being exerted on barrier arm

5.Energy saving
After one minute without use the barrier switches itself to the energy saving mode.

Processed for motor,main parts so that they have water-proof feature.

7.Manual operateation for emergency
If the battery voltage is too low the barrier can be manually operated.
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